MFPA meets with Leader of Opposition Simon Busuttil

23rd March 2017

Representatives from the Malta Football Players Association, met up with Leader of Opposition Simon Busuttil to formally present its petition; A cry for help : Stop the ex-ploitation of our children in Maltese foot-ball.( Also in attendance was opposition spokesperson for Youth and Sport, David Agius and PN candidate Graziella Attard Previ.

MFPA General Secretary Carlo Mamo, explained the mission and remit of the Players’ Association in Malta, namely; the active campaigns against match fixing and racism, as well as the educational programmes coordinated by MFPA for its players.
Finally MFPA explained what led the association to take on the issue of the Nursery Compensation citing the lack of transparency, room for abuse and the com-plaints by parents as the reasons for MFPA’s call for an urgent review of the current Nursery Compensation Fee.
The Petition has garnered over 2000 signatories and has been widely endorsed.