Abdul Razak Mendy wins case versus St. Georges F.C.

20th October 2017

MFPA is committed to the protection of players and is willing to go through great lengths to see that justice is done. Mr Abdul Razak Mendy a Ghanaian player and a member of MFPA found himself owed 5 months in outstanding salaries, with no family to fall back on for support.

This was obviously an unjust and unsustainable situation. Players cannot be expected to continue living this way. MFPA, with the backing of the outstanding FIFPro legal team was able to guide and advice Mr. Mendy on his options. He chose to seek damages for outstanding salaries and breach of contract at the FIFA DRC. He was represented by the very capable Mr. Georgi Gradev and successfully won the case.

In addition to the 5 monthly salaries plus interest from when money was due (Jan - May 2016). The player is also entitled to receive the salaries for season 2017 plus interest. (FIFA decision attached).

If you are a player, join us today and encourage your team mates to follow suit.

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Help us help you.

Well done Razak Mendy and good luck.

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