“I felt very demotivated. It became a constant struggle”.

20th October 2017

Melvin Pisani is a 30 year old amateur player. He was registered with a club for 12 years. Every year, at the end of each season, he had to go through great lengths to negotiate between his lifelong registered club (which had no interest or place for him) and a club with which he could play. “I felt very demotivated” said the player. “ It became a constant struggle which had to be dealt with each and every year.

High loan fees were being requested from my club, which fees were not being realistic and affordable to other clubs in other Divisions. Naturally this frustrating situation was hindering the process of attaining valuable experience and making further progress in my career.” This year, for the first time after years of uncertainty, he obtained the freedom to register with a club of his own choosing.

With the help of MFPA, Melvin contested his registration and managed to win his free release. MFPA aided him throughout the entire process and represented him in front of the Complaints Board. “MFPA’s professional assistance was fundamental in guiding me towards taking forward my legal process and for justice to be served.”

Help us help you. Join us, and encourage your football mates to do so too.

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