MFPA will be having an observer in the Players, Coaches and Member Clubs Complaints Board.

20th August 2012

The MFA council on the 6th of August 2012 decided that the Malta Football Players Association (MFPA) will be having an observer in the Players, Coaches, Agents and Member Clubs Complaints Board.

After discussing FIFA circulars 1129 and 1010 regarding the constitution of the National Dispute Resolution Chamber and the principle of parity when constituting the arbitration tribunal respectively with the MFA vice-president Mr. Carmelo Bartolo it was agreed that the board which is advised by FIFA is present in Malta only as a 3rd instance. The 1st board in Malta when a player or club files a dispute is the Players, Coaches and Complaints Board and then there is as a 2nd instance the Appeals board. The 3rd board is the independent board where a player selects a person from a list of possible persons, the club selects another person and both these persons together choose who will be the chairman chairman. This is what is required by FIFA.

However following the MFA vice-president advice for this year MFPA will have an observer and a substitute observer during all hearing within the Players and Coaches Complaints Board. This will enable the MFPA to monitor the proceedings being carried out during the hearings within this board mainly disputes between Players and Clubs. This continues to show the continuous cooperation between MFA and MFPA.