Out of 52 football teams only 3 teams had a doctor on the bench

9th March 2016

On the 31st of January Sliema player Saviour Fidelis suffered a serious injury while providing his services to his club. Last weekend another player suffered a serious injury while playing in a 3rd division match. One month ago MFA reminded the clubs that it is their responsibility to have a medical doctor on the bench during matches. A few days after, MFPA issued a statement that reminding clubs is not enough and clubs should be fined if a doctor is not present. The following is the number of doctors present for last weekend’s matches (5th and 6th March):

Number of clubs with a doctor on the bench:

- Premier (Out of 12 teams) – 2 (Valletta, Floriana)
- 1st Division (Out of 14 teams) – 0
- 2nd Division(Out of 14 teams) – 1 (St. Patricks)
- 3rd Division(Out of 12 teams) – 0

In the 1st division there were 2 clubs who didn’t even have a physiotherapist or a masseur on the bench. In the 2nd division there were 9 clubs without a physiotherapist or a masseur on the bench and in the 3rd division there were 8 clubs respectively.

MFPA is once again urging the Maltese Federation to take action and to make sure that at all match venues there is at least one doctor present and there is easy and unobstructed access for an ambulance. This is not acceptable anymore.

The health and safety of players, referees and match officials should be safeguarded whilst they are performing their duties on the pitch.