MFPA Sponsors First Aid Sessions for Clubs

MFPA has recently invited clubs to host a short First Aid session for its players and staff, with MFPA footing the bill. Pietà Hotspurs F.C. were the first to take up this offer, with a session held on Pieta Hotspurs premises this past Saturday 29th of July.

The session, attended mainly by players and coaches, focused specifically on First Aid in sports. It tackled subjects such as: broken bone injuries, head injuries, suffocation, important recovery positions, nose bleeds and how to stop them, to name a few. Those in attendance had the chance to ask questions to First Aid professionals. MFPA hails Pieta Hotspurs for being proactive and leading the way towards a safer football environment.

Sessions are of approximately 60 minutes each. Any club interested in hosting such a First Aid session, is kindly asked to contact us on or 27135505, so that we can sort the logistics and schedule the session. MFPA is offering to pay for 25 First Aid Sessions on a first come first serve basis.

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