Education is a key objective

Educational opportunities for football players rank high on FIFPro’s priority list and MFPA completely concurs. As a Players’ Association, the MFPA feels duty bound to help its members by giving them the best opportunities in order for them to be successful in their life after the end of their active football career.

Keeping in mind, that the average career of a professional football player is approximately only 8 years, and that the absolute vast majority of professional players do not make anywhere near enough money to retire comfortably after football, many players will need a new career by the age of 35 or earlier, this is where education becomes crucial.

With the advent of online learning, and different educational paths available, a professional footballer today, does not have to choose between a football career and his education. In fact both can be easily combined in parallel. The MFPA actively advocates for, both a football career as well as a comprehensive education. This will ensure a smoother transition between careers. In view of this MFPA has collaborated on 2 main ventures.

1. FIFPro Online Academy

In 2011 FIFPro in collaboration with Danish University UCN launched the Online Academy, offering a Sport Management programme, leading up to a Bachelors degree over the course of approximately 7 semesters. The programme follows a virtual class with real teachers. Lessons are recorded, making them available to be watched online at anytime. This gives students the flexibility to easily fit in their studies with their training schedule.

Any professional footballers in Malta, interested in joining the FIFPro Online Academy will be able to do so with the assistance of the MFPA. There is not tuition cost for EU-Citizens, following a one time registration fee of €300 payable to FIFPro. The fee for non-EU- Citizens is €32,600

The entry requirements to follow this educational programme are as follows:
  • 1(a) The Matriculation Certificate (2 subjects at Advanced Level, three at intermediate level and Systems of Knowledge) as awarded by the University of Malta OR
  • 1(b) A VET MQF Level 4 qualification comparable to an MCAST Level 4 qualification with a minimum of 120 ECVET. and
  • 2 Applicants will be provided with an online English test (Oxford Placement Test), to ensure an English level that is sufficient for academic purposes.>

Should a player not fulfill these academic requirements, an individual evaluation of practical competences based on relevant work experience, will be made.The evaluation will also look at the individual’s involvement in extracurricular activities, as well as any additional proficiency.


MFPA has also held discussions with MCAST to discuss possible ways in which professional football players can benefit from the wide array of courses available at the MCAST Campuses. MCAST offers academic, technical and hands on courses which might appeal to football players seeking to get a better education, namely in ICT, Media, Business, Design, and Sports Management. Players interested in discussing their options with regards to an MCAST course will be assisted and guided by MFPA in order to build an educational portfolio whilst actively playing football.