Frequently Asked Questions

It is a properly constituted and democratically elected organisation set up to represent the interests of it's members - the football players.
Currently the membership cost for professional players is €30 while for amateur players is €20.
FIFPro is the worldwide representative organization for all professional players; more than 65,000 footballers in total. FIFPro is the exclusive collective international voice of the world's footballers.
Apart from previously mentioned services, the aim of the association is to protect the interests of current and future players. Whilst being a footballer is a fulfilling job, players are only one bad injury away from their last club game or a few bad games away from being fired. Unfortunately most players realise the importance of an association such as ours, only when things go wrong. Being a member would mean having someone working towards safeguarding your interests throughout your career.
  • - 30% discount from Teamsport as well as preferential rates from Da Vinci Hospital, 5% Bortex, 10% Samsung and 10% from Laferla Agency on Car and Home Insurance
  • - Players can avail themselves of free professional advice should they have any disputes with clubs. An MFPA representative will also represent the player if requested for the hearing
  • - MFPA appoints 3 players’ representatives every year to be on the MFA’s Complaints Board.
  • - MFPA meets up with MFA top officials and club representatives , approximately 4 times a year to discuss relevant issues.
  • - Medical insurance that covers the player for all football related injuries.
  • - Training camp for ‘out of contract’ players which is held between June and July of each season.
  • - Opportunity to read for a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management with the University of Northern Denmark.
  • - A number of courses are offered throughout the year e.g. first aid courses.